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giving 10% back to fishing

What does this mean?

It means I give 10% of every payment you make on back to our sport.  This is before I have paid postage, covered the material costs and my time, so in effect is much more than 10%.  


Where does the money go?

I want to encourage young people to get outside, and get into fishing.  So the money will be spent on organised fishing sessions specifically aimed at young people.  I will use the money to buy everything needed, so that parents with no knowledge or experience can just turn up with their kid and give it a go.  My hope is that they get hooked and persuade their folks to go and buy them a rod and reel instead of a computer game!


Why not just keep the 10% or charge 10% less?

Fishing has benefited me so much, particularly in the past 7 years since my little sister died age 24.  It has given me space, time and focus.  As all anglers know, just getting outside makes you feel good. With mental health conditions affecting one in four of us, I want to give something back. 


Is it a registered charity?

No, I looked into setting up a charity and at this stage the pot of cash won’t be big enough to make it worthwhile. Also depending on the number of sales, I might end up paying for it myself!  If the sessions are a success I will reevaluate this in the future.


Where will the fishing sessions be?

I live just east of Edinburgh and plan to hold the first session in Dunbar.  The coast around Dunbar holds large numbers of flounder.  While not a strong fighting fish the smaller ones are relatively plentiful and we will have a very good chance of catching something! Being a lure addict, I plan to use LRF gear with a small scented worm.  


Please get in touch if you have an idea for something similar local to you, maybe we can work together.

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