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Introducing my new surface lure, named "Stubby". At 89mm long and weighing in at 21g it's name was an obvious choice! A truly versatile lure. My main design goal was for it to move as much sub surface water as possible. I've incorporated a feature that I'm very pleased and proud of. On It's nose is a large scoop that draws in water as it's retrieved. The water speeds up as it flows through the body of the lure and exits just in front of the belly hook, pointing slightly forwards. This slows the lure and at the same time creates a huge amount of sub surface water movement. This design feature allows the lure to be retrieved very slowly, keeping it in the zone for longer. With rod tip down on a steady retrieve, it will also dip below the surface with a beautiful slalom action.


designed to work with size 4 treble hooks (hooks not included)

Level floating



Stubby topwater lure Mullet colour

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